SR022: The Book Of Abraham and the Thankful Believer

Nov 28

In This week’s episode, Mike is AWOL and Alma (Ken’s wife) steps in to talk about The Book of Abraham, the infiniteness of God, Church as a punishment, the Mormon “Christian” holiday, and finish out the “The Thankful Believer” Bible study series with The Thankful Believer Serves and Worships a Great God.

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SR021: Parley Pratt and Thanksgiving

Nov 21

I this episode, Ken and Mike discuss the life of polygamist Parley Pratt, government and the attack on the sanctity of life as well as part 3 of The Thankful Believer Bible study.

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SR020: Elections & Worldview

Nov 14

In this episode of Sojourn Radio, Ken and Mike talk about the 2012 General Election aftermath, the history of racism in Christian churches, the Mormon theological “spectrum”, Catholic voting block for Obama and end with the continuing series on “The Thankful Believer” Bible study.

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SR019: Billy Sunday, Polygamy, & Thankfulness!

Nov 07

On this episode of Sojourn Radio, Ken & Mike tackle three obstacles at one time: recording time change, live streaming for the first time, & the general elections.  They talk about Billy Sunday, Joseph Smith Jr. & Polygamy, and The Thankful Believer.

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